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The question we attempt to answer today is why food is such an important contributor to health (or disease).

Food was all animals had when they were first created.  It is most likely the reason why, according to the Bible, all plants were created before animals and animals were created before man and why mankind could develop into the highly effective species we know it to be today.

Up until very recently food was the biggest internal biochemical stimulus any animal had in its entire life.  It was sufficient not only to sustain life, but also key to the development from embryo to an elderly person.  It is only very recently that this natural process which existed for millenniums has become overshadowed with other biochemical stimuli from inside and outside our food sources.  

Two interesting facts were mentioned by David Suzuki in a program ‘The Nature of Things’ in the episode titled ‘The Curious Case of Vitamins and Me’ (Oct.  2015).   First of all, most animals have the ability to synthesize their own vitamins; it is only the apes and humans who have to consume most of their vitamins.  Although they do possess the gene, it is switched off. The real reason for this phenomena is unknown.  Secondly, NASA astronauts orbiting in space only receive food and one supplement for the duration of the voyage according to Suzuki.  The food is a balanced diet and the supplement is vitamin D.  It is given because it is formed in the skin when exposed to sun – not something which would happen in space.  All other vitamins and minerals are consumed through the food we consume on a daily basis.

I do not claim here that people did not die or get sick living off the land provided by Mother Nature.  But the effect of chemical stimuli, characteristic of modern life, became apparent with the development of autoimmune diseases we see today.  This does not imply these diseases did not exist before now, that it is not of genetic origin, or that it is simply reversible by eating organic food again. What I do believe is that today these diseases tend to thrive in an environment of heavy chemical stimuli from sources rather than the natural environment of a few decades ago.

US President Barack Obama stated that we are the first generation to feel the effects of global warming and we are the last generation to do something about it.  I want to rephrase this as:  We are the first generation to feel the effects of the artificial and chemical laden modern food and we are the last generation to be able to revert back to when food was nurturing and not causing modern disease.  

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