I think it is fair to assume everyone is already preparing for Christmas; gifts are planned and so are the events and menu(s) of the great day(s).  Whatever is needed are dug out, cleaned and prepared to be used in some way for the Festive Season. 

But what about our bodies?  For the past year it has been with us every day, through all our stresses, buffering emotions, absorbing and storing whatever we have consumed with every meal andsnacking in between. 

In the typical Western world, our diets did not necessarily support our bodies to cope with these.  And all awhile the Christmas turkey with all the stuffings and deserts are carefully planned to add to this burden to the liver.

There is one way we could help our livers cope and avoid some of the pain caused by the Christmas dinner without staying away…  by cleaning up the liver and getting it ready for the best meal of the year.  Somewhat like fixing the roof while the sun shines.

You can easily do it consuming ‘clean meals’ in between the Christmas parties and add more joy to this Holiday Season.