This is an exciting day for us.  We are starting to share what we have learned about food and also what we have learned as nutritionists about the science behind it.  
As Kevin Gianni writes in his book ‘Kale and Coffee’, it is sad that humans are the only animal species not knowing what its natural diet should look like.  In our quest to search, we are so bombarded by the many true and untrue facts and often left confused. We are going to do our best to clarify this for you.   
The name we have chosen for our website is Ukudla4LIFE.  Ukudla is the Zulu word for nutrition, food and meals.  It also refers to the act of feeding, nourishment and maintenance.  All these factors reflect our intention to bring awareness to how all of these aspects should be applied to make the human race healthier and happier.
Our conviction is that modern diseases are created by our modern way of living and the western diet has a major role to play.  Therefore it makes a lot of sense to revert to natural food to see how much of this damage we might reverse.  This way we could possibly prevent some diseases and if we are very committed, even avert illnesses.  
Two good books to read are ‘Radical Remission’ by Kelly A. Turner and ‘Spontaneous Healing’ by Andrew Weil. These books have many examples of people who have cured their chronic and life threatening diseases and explain the role natural diets played in their road to healing.  Also, take the time to watch this video to see how one person turned around her MS through the consumption of natural food.  
It horrifies us to think how many children are raised on boxed food items with claims of nutrition and health which we now know were unfounded and untruthful.  We do not want the new generation of mothers to make the same mistake.
The challenge of the nutritionist of the 21st century is to help a client to find a healing diet for his or her disease or poor health and then revert to a balanced diet which could help maintain this new found healthy state.  As well it is to guide mothers with healthy families to sustain this health with natural food intended to do just that.  The challenge is big in a generation where time becomes a rare commodity.   Somehow the idea of buying good, natural food which takes time to prepare is unacceptable, yet expensive chronic medications are considered a blessing from Above.
Much research has been done in the past few decades to prove that natural whole food supports physical and mental health. See our blog regarding teens and well-being and stay tuned to see more revealing scientific articles on the healing properties of food.
Let's work together to make this world a healthier place where we nurture our bodies and minds by feeding them the right nutrients.
Warm regards,
Thea and ChrisMarie from Ukudla4LIFE
Holistic Nutritionists