Ukudla - a Zulu word to describe the act of to feed and nourish the body on a deep level

Not too long ago, in a time now considered the olden days, food and herbs were the only cure that humans had when they were sick. The health/sickness profile looked much different from today; bacterial and other infections, as well as external insults to the body, took most lives. Autoimmune diseases were not common at all.

With the modern world, changes to lifestyle, diet, and medicine replaced traditional healing methods which were quite effective for infections and injury; convenience became the norm everyone was striving for. With these changes, bacterial and infectious diseases now are replaced by more chronic illnesses. These diseases have mysterious origins for which there is no apparent cure. The symptoms of these illnesses are treated with a vast number of chronic drugs, only to cause a whole array of unwanted side effects.

For the first time in the history of humanity, it feels necessary to step back and see how we can break this vicious cycle - illnesses needing drugs which cause more diseases requiring more medications.

If we were to take a few steps back in time, we could get some direction from how our grandparents and elders lived before these chronic conditions affected so many lives. Doing so we can develop a more preventative relationship to modern disease, weaning us off the many prescription drugs we rely on today.

The mission of Ukudla4LIFE is to provide nutrition education to those wanting to take responsibility for their own health. Let us help you learn how to choose and prepare food in a way that will support you to live your best, healthiest and happiest life ever.

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