Optimizing Health Through Nutrition




Discover how food can help you to reach your health goals


Not too long ago, in a time now considered the olden days, food and herbs were the only  cure animals and humans had when they were sick.    With the modern world came not only changes to life style, but also diet and medicine; convenience became the norm everyone was striving for.  Bacterial and infectious diseases were replaced by more chronic illnesses. Diseases are becoming more common - diseases with mysterious origins and no apparent cure.  These modern illnesses are treated with a vast number of chronic drugs to relieve some symptoms, only to cause a whole array of side effects.  

For the first time in the history of humanity it feels better to step back and see how we could break this vicious circle where we are constantly trapped in - illnesses needing drugs and drugs causing more illnesses.  It seems as if we give only a few steps back, we could get some direction from how our grandparents lived and  grew old in an era these diseases were uncommon and even rare.

This website is dedicated to those who want to take responsibility for their own health by choosing and preparing food in a way that will support them to live their best and healthiest lives ever.