To detox is a new concept and many people ask – WHY? Fifty years ago no one detoxed, yet not many people needed to detoxify then.  But it was a different world then.  Today we live in an industrial world with toxins resulting from that.  We consume and inhale toxins, we have direct skin contact with them and then there is radiation of different types which we do not even know of.  Even our agriculture has been industrialized with the introduction of herbicides, pesticides and fertilizers (all carcinogenic) delivered straight into the food chain, let alone the antibiotics and hormones injected in animals in mega doses on our behalf.  Modern medicine also brings, with its blessings, toxins to our bodies.  These toxins have consequences which are listed extensively under the heading ‘side effects’.  You are often left with the choice of suffering from the disease, side effects or both.  Even containers of food and filtered water pose some risk to our health.

Detailed information about these topics suggest you run to the hills and live in isolation from people and toxins.  For most of us, this is not an option.  So we need to do what humans have done since their existence, and that is to find a way to survive.  If toxification is the problem, then detoxification sounds like a logical solution.  The question is how.

Detoxification protocols come in various shapes and sizes.  There are massages, colonics, rapid intra-venous chelation and various diets to choose from.  I like the expression: ‘If you only have a hammer, everything looks like a nail’.  And my hammer is nutrition.  And toxins to me, all look like nails.  Although I am not totally in favor of a vegan diet for everyone as a permanent way of eating, this is my go to diet when it comes to detoxification.

To detox literally means to get rid of the toxins in the body – yet easier said than done.  Because we are survivors, our bodies have a wonderful ability to hide toxins in places in order to protect our vital organs.  The safest places to hide them are our joints, muscles and fat tissue.  You begin to see why chronic pain and obesity are modern health issues.  Sometimes we have an inherent weak spot in our vital organs like our hearts, liver, or cells or really anywhere in the body where toxins will cause disease.  My conviction is that this is how most of the modern diseases start.

The steps from toxin to disease can be simplified. Step one: exposure to toxins; step two: storage of toxins; step three: reaction to toxin – inflammation is a common one; and step four: the development of disease. This could develop in many ways and end up having one of the many names you could find in modern medical text books.  Every disease has its own course, symptoms, prognosis and treatment, justifying all the medical specialties we see today.
It is important to know that not all diseases develop in this way and therefore not all diseases will respond equally well to a detoxification protocol.  Also, although many people have reported healing from diseases through detoxification diets, it is also important to know that this is not necessarily true for everyone.  Sadly, many people with a disease will not respond to a detoxification diet.  One reason is because we know very little about the healing power of food, not only in general, but also the specific healing powers of specific foods for specific diseases.  This is changing as more and more research is conducted in this area.  (See our blog to see what research says about pomegranate).  Another reason is that food does not exactly work like drugs.  It almost works best at low dosages with the support of other good nutrients.  This is further complicated by the fact that two people with the same disease might not benefit from the same food, thus there is a huge individuality factor.  Through our newsletters we share food facts discovered by science in perspective so that more people discover the healing powers of Mother Nature’s Dispensary.

To simplify:

  • Health = nutrients – toxins


  • Disease = toxins – nutrients.

So, if you consume natural, healthy food, with the minimum processed and without added drugs, fertilizers and pesticides, you will already start optimizing your health.  And if you commit yourself to a regular detoxification regime which suits your lifestyle, you will speed up this process.

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Eat healthy and stay healthy!