Fasting and it's Effect on Cancer

Brandhorst, S and Longo, VD. Fasting and Caloric Restriction in Cancer Prevention and Treatment. Recent Results Cancer Res 207(241-66.

Because of the radical side effects of current cancer treatments, it is common for oncologists to encourage their patients to eat fattening food during therapy to compensate for wasting of the body tissues. These recommendations come with little or no encouragement to consume nutrient-dense food.  This review article looks at preclinical and preliminary clinical studies on dietary restriction and fasting and their role in inducing cellular protection and chemotherapy resistance.  The authors found that various forms of reduced caloric intake such as calorie restriction or fasting demonstrate a wide range of beneficial effects able to help prevent malignancies and increase the efficacy of cancer therapies. Whereas chronic limitation of calories provides both beneficial and detrimental results, as well as significant compliance challenges, periodic fasting, fasting-mimicking diets, and dietary restriction without a reduction in calories, are emerging as interventions with the potential to be widely used to prevent and treat cancer.