Age Related Diseases and Fasting


Mattson, MP, Longo, VD, et al. Impact of Intermittent Fasting on Health and Disease Processes. Ageing Res Rev 39(46-58. PMC5411330

 The problem in the modern world is over-eating, consequent caloric overload and gained body weight.  This has a domino effect which negatively affects our health in various ways.  This study showed that in healthy and overweight human subjects, fasting could have a positive impact on weight loss and improvements in multiple health indicators including insulin resistance and reductions in risk factors for cardiovascular disease. The cellular and molecular mechanisms by which fasting improves health and counteracts disease processes involve activation of adaptive cellular stress response signaling pathways that enhance mitochondrial health, DNA repair, and autophagy. Fasting also promotes stem cell-based regeneration as well as long-lasting positive metabolic effects.


Fontana, L, Klein, S, et al. Effect of Long-Term Calorie Restriction with Adequate Protein and Micronutrients on Thyroid Hormones. J Clin Endocrinol Metab 91(8)3232-5.

This article shows a reduction in thyroid hormone (T3) in people following intermittent fasting.  This reduction is known to slow aging, making fasting an anti-aging factor.