Ketogenesis and Cancer

Schroeder, U, Himpe, B, et al. Decline of Lactate in Tumor Tissue after Ketogenic Diet: In Vivo Microdialysis Study in Patients with Head and Neck Cancer. Nutr Cancer 65(6)843-9.

In tumor cells, pyruvate is converted to lactate at a higher rate compared to normal cells.  This rate of conversion is even higher in metastatic cells.  This study showed that a ketogenic diet lowers the rate of this conversion.  It suggests that a  ketogenic diet suppresses metabolic activity for cancer cells.


Klement, RJ and Sweeney, RA. Impact of a Ketogenic Diet Intervention During Radiotherapy on Body Composition: I. Initial Clinical Experience with Six Prospectively Studied Patients. BMC Res Notes 9(143. PMC4779584

This study supports the hypothesis that ketogenic diets administered as supportive measures during standard radio therapy are safe and might be helpful in preservation of muscle mass.