Carotenoids and Eye Health

Macular degeneration

Parisi, V, Tedeschi, M, et al. Carotenoids and Antioxidants in Age-Related Maculopathy Italian Study: Multifocal Electroretinogram Modifications after 1 Year. Ophthalmology 115(2)324-33 e2.

This was a randomized control trial where 27 patients with age - related macular degeneration were enrolled.  They were tested for the effect of supplementation with vit C, vit E and carotenoids on the progression of the disease.  It was found that these nutrients did not only stop the progression, but even improved the condition of the retina, particularly the central area.



Christen, WG, Liu, S, et al. Dietary Carotenoids, Vitamins C and E, and Risk of Cataract in Women: A Prospective Study. Arch Ophthalmol 126(1)102-9. PMC2396535

 These prospective observational data examined the relation between dietary intake of carotenoids and vitamins C and E and the risk of cataract in 35 551 profesional women.  It was concluded that higher dietary intakes of these nutrients from food and supplements were associated with significantly decreased risks of cataract.