Resveratrol's Health Benefits

Liu, Y, Ma, W, et al. Effect of Resveratrol on Blood Pressure: A Meta-Analysis of Randomized Controlled Trials. Clin Nutr 34(1)27-34.

This study combined several studies and found that resveratrol consumption significantly decreases the blood pressure level at the higher dose, while resveratrol has no significant effects on DBP levels. Additional high-quality studies are needed to further evaluate the causal conclusions.


Mukherjee, S, Dudley, JI, et al. Dose-Dependency of Resveratrol in Providing Health Benefits. Dose Response 8(4)478-500. PMC2990065


This review study looked at the treatment with resveratrol at different dosages.  It was found that, at lower dose, resveratrol can be very useful in maintaining the human health, especially heart health whereas at higher dose, resveratrol has pro-apoptotic actions on healthy cells, but can kill tumor cells


Ghanim, H, Ling Sia, C, et al. An Antiinflammatory and Reactive Oxygen Species Suppressive Effects of an Extract of Polygonum Cuspidatum Containing Resveratrol. J Clin Endocrinol Metab. 95(9)

This study was done on humans, testing the effect of resveratrol.  It was found to be both an anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory.  Both of these effects are considered anti-aging effects