Ellagic Acid and Health

Falsaperla, M, Morgia, G, et al. Support Ellagic Acid Therapy in Patients with Hormone Refractory Prostate Cancer (Hrpc) on Standard Chemotherapy Using Vinorelbine and Estramustine Phosphate. Eur Urol. 47(4)449-54.

This study was done on men with prostate cancer who received chemotherapy.  Some of the participants received ellagic acid with the treatment.  It was found that the intervention group receiving he ellagic acid, had less negative side effects while they had a better survival rate and objective response.  The study suggests that the use of ellagic acid as support therapy reduces chemotherapy induced toxicity, in particular neutropenia.


Mansouri, MT, Farbood, Y, et al. Beneficial Effects of Ellagic Acid against Animal Models of Scopolamine- and Diazepam-Induced Cognitive Impairments. Pharm Biol 54(10)1947-53.

 This study was done on animals, however, it suggests the potential of EA supplement in the treatment of dementia seen in elderly persons.  This could restore some of the memory loss under certain conditions


Mertens-Talcott, SU, Lee, JH, et al. Induction of Cell Death in Caco-2 Human Colon Carcinoma Cells by Ellagic Acid Rich Fractions from Muscadine Grapes (Vitis Rotundifolia). J Agric Food Chem 54(15)5336-43.

This study demonstrated the anticancer properties of ellagic acid rich extracts from red muscadine juice through the inhibition of multiplication of cancer cells, and the induction of apoptosis (cell death) in cancer cells.