Honey Repairs DNA

R. Alleva, N. Manzella, S. Gaetani, V. Ciarapica, M. Bracci, M. F. Caboni, F. Pasini, F. Monaco, M. Amati, B. Borghi and M. Tomasetti. Organic honey supplementation reverses pesticide-induced genotoxicity by modulating DNA damage response. Mol Nutr Food Res 60(10)2243-2255.

This study provides new insight regarding the effect of honey containing polyphenols on pesticide-induced DNA damage response.  Some plants have specific polyphenols which act as an anti-oxidant, thus protecting against DNA damage amongst other things.  Honey made form plant nectar also possesses these polyphenols.  Honey was tested on human cells damaged by pesticides.  It was found that honey enhanced DNA repair in these cells.


B. Hajizadeh Maleki, B. Tartibian, F. C. Mooren, K. Kruger, L. Z. FitzGerald and M. Chehrazi.  A randomized controlled trial examining the effects of 16 weeks of moderate-to-intensive cycling and honey supplementation on lymphocyte oxidative DNA damage and cytokine changes in male road cyclists. Cytokine 88(222-231.

Honey is known as an anti-oxidant.  This study showed that consumption of honey ninety minutes before each training session attenuated oxidative stress and DNA damage after exercise.