Cannabis as Treatment for Cancer

S. Gandhi, G. Vasisth and A. Kapoor. Systematic review of the potential role of cannabinoids as antiproliferative agents for urological cancers. Can Urol Assoc J 11(3-4)E138-E142. PMID: 28515817

The aim of this review is to look at the current evidence on the antiproliferative effects of cannabinoids in urological malignancies, including renal, prostate, bladder, and testicular cancers.   To date, there are various in vitro studies elucidating the potential mechanism of action of cannabinoids for urological cancers, along with population-based studies specifically for testicular malignancies. 



S. Torres, M. Lorente, F. Rodriguez-Fornes, S. Hernandez-Tiedra, M. Salazar, E. Garcia-Taboada, J. Barcia, M. Guzman and G. Velasco. A combined preclinical therapy of cannabinoids and temozolomide against glioma. Mol Cancer Ther 10(1)90-103.

Glioblastoma multiforme is a type of brain cancer which is resistant to any known type of current cancer treatments.  These researchers showed some promising results of treatment with an allopathic treatment when combined with THC and CBD.  These two compounds are the main compounds known in Cannabis.