The power of food over our minds



The study below found some significant facts regarding health effects of certain food.  This is an attempt by us to interpret the findings so that it could be implemented in everyday health practices.  It has to be understood that good eating habits are necessary for optimal health and that means that a variety of good foods have to be consumed every day.  We do believe that some food has medicinal value and could be used to help in the prevention and support of treatment in certain illnesses.  However, if it is not part of a good nutritious diet, it might lose its value.    Although we do believe in the power of natural food, we absolutely do not claim to cure any disease through the consumption of specific food.

 Tamlin S. Conner*, Kate L. Brookie, Aimee C. Richardson and Maria A. Polak. On carrots and curiosity: Eating fruit and vegetables is associated with greater flourishing in daily life.  British Journal of Health Psychology Volume 20, Issue 2, pages 413–427, May 2015  Article first published online: 30 JUL 2014.  DOI: 10.1111/bjhp.12113


Our interpretation:

This is a study which claims that the consumption of fruits and vegetables by young, healthy individuals is related to an array of well-being states that is favorable for human flourishing.  This was not found when unhealthy food (junk and fast food) was consumed.  Another point of interest was that good nutrition only had a short term effect, in other words, one good meal did not guarantee two weeks of well-being.  My gut feeling is that the longer the period of good food consumption is, the longer the effect of the food will stay.

As a high school teacher of more than 20 years I have developed an appreciation for teenagers and young adults.  The possibilities of life were unlimited to most of them – in their minds the world was there to conquer and serve them.  And they had the energy to help conquer the world.  Well, for some…  We all know that there is a growing concern about a growing number of young people who is so disheartened about this world that it is better for them to subdue these thoughts with drugs and alcohol. 

Although I do acknowledge the complexity of this problem, I cannot help recognizing the role that good nutrition could play in our attempt to help young people of today.  It seems as if nutritious food will not only help them to find purpose in life but also give them the energy to realize their full potential.  Mothers please educate yourself about healthy food served to your children and School Boards please put in the effort to help the young people make tasty, healthy choices when it comes to school cafeterias.