Bone Stock as an Anti-inflammatory Agent



The study below found some significant facts regarding health effects of certain food.  This is an attempt by us to interpret the findings so that it could be implemented in everyday health practices.  It has to be understood that good eating habits are necessary for optimal health and that means that a variety of good foods have to be consumed every day.  We do believe that some food has medicinal value and could be used to help in the prevention and support of treatment in certain illnesses.  However, if it is not part of a good nutritious diet, it might lose its value.    Although we do believe in the power of natural food, we absolutely do not claim to cure any disease through the consumption of specific food

Giuseppina Frasca,  Venera Cardile, Carmelo Puglia, Claudia Bonina, and Francesco Bonina.  Gelatin tannate reduces the proinflammatory effects of lipopolysaccharide in human intestinal epithelial cells.  Clin Exp Gastroenterol. 2012; 5: 61–67. PMCID: PMC3358810


This study was also done on isolated cells and not on humans.  It looked at the effect of gelatin (cooked collagen) as an anti-inflammatory agent.  It showed on a cellular level gelatin blocks the mechanisms which trigger the inflammation…. making it an anti-inflammatory agent.