About Ukudla.


I have spent most of my life on studying the human physiology and the effect of exercise and nutrition on it.

In my own life I have witnessed my father who suffered from body aches and pains more than three decades ago. While the western medicine offered him medicine which relieved some pain it had deadly consequences. Nutritional advice from a naturopath helped him with effective pain relief by eating carrots, cream and nuts - morning, noon and night. Where the medicine had bad side effects, the diet was unsustainable - thus neither was a good solution and he sadly died at the age of 54 as a sick man. What he needed was guidance to advance from the healing diet to a more balanced natural diet which would maintain his health.

I have raised my children on food from boxes with claims of nutritional value which we now know were unfounded and basically lies. I am horrified just by the thought of it. I do not want the new generation of mothers to make the same mistake.

As I got older, like my father, I developed a tendency to inflammation of the soft tissues of my body and had to give up sports a number of times because of it. I felt sick and did not know where I would get the energy from to go through the day. As all my blood results were normal, the allopathic medicine did not have much to offer. I was in uncharted waters and found my way back to health through eating healthy food. I have used it for detoxifying my body and now to maintain my new found health. At the age of 57 my body is pain free, I have energy for each day and I am playing sports again.

As a Registered Holistic Nutritionist, I am devoting this website to tell as many people possible about the healing properties of food and how to use it to protect the one thing most people are born with - radiant health. I also believe that even if we have a disease, we can through proper nutrition, live a healthier life.

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